Top jobs are shaping up in Switzerland for a better future

These days, besides its delicious chocolates and picturesque tourist destinations, Switzerland’s developing labour market and its lucrative jobs are proving to be a major source of attraction for foreigners. Switzerland’s job market is very attractive owing to its high average salaries, improved working conditions and standards of living. The country’s labour market has somewhat withstood the depression of 2009 and is taking rapid strides towards providing ample employment opportunities to both Swiss and foreign workers.

The employment opportunities in Switzerland has further increased after the Swiss government provided the right of free movement and employment in Switzerland for citizens of the countries which are members of the EU or EFTA (European Free Trade Association). On the other hand, carving out an entry into the Switzerland job market has become more difficult for citizens of countries outside the EU due to stricter employment policies imposed on employers employing them.

The Swiss unemployment rate, standing at 3.7 is the lowest in the world. Still, there is a very high demand for skilled workers in the Swiss labour market as is depicted by the growth in advertisements for skilled-labour jobs in recent years. The main reason for this demand is that Switzerland houses some of the biggest MNCs in the world. Switzerland is a major attraction for the MNCs because of its lenient tax policies and the high quality of its education, training, and skilled workers. These MNCs provide several job opportunities including jobs in FMCG jobs, sales jobs, and marketing and PR jobs.

Switzerland is one of the most prominent financial centres of the world and has flourishing engineering, IT, and banking sectors. There are ample engineering jobs in the country as the engineering sector has a local shortage of skilled labour. Switzerland, home to some of the largest banks in the world, also provides banking jobs, accounting jobs, and consultancy jobs. Apart from these, there are many international organizations headquartered in Switzerland. These organizations, besides the MNCs, provide job opportunities to the English-speaking population. Some of these jobs are secretarial jobs, administrative jobs or simple graduate jobs.

Switzerland, with its breath-taking tourist destinations, forests, rivers, mountains, has a flourishing tourism industry. The tourism industry employs about 4% of the working population of the country. It is also a major driving force of the country’s economy. There are numerous tourism jobs as well. 

Some skilled jobs such as healthcare jobs, engineering jobs, and administrative jobs require the applicant to produce qualifying certificates. The Swiss authorities accept foreign certificates as long as they provide the required training synonymous with those provided in Switzerland.

Besides hiring regular employees, some forward-thinking companies are also providing remote job opportunities to skilled and talented individuals to quench their employee demand. 

Companies are investing more and more on sales jobs signalling that the business leaders anticipate an increased influx of demands and revenue. Looking at the overall scenario, the job market is thriving, and the demands are likely to go up in recent times as is evident from the increased job advertisement rates and other factors.


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