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General information on data protection and security

With this Privacy Policy, we would like to inform the users of our website www.veraguth-partner.ch (“Portal”), the applicants, customers and our employees hereinafter referred to as” users “or” interested parties”, about the data protection at the Mirjana Veraguth recruitment agency hereinafter (“MV”) inform. Of course, we comply with the legal provisions of the Swiss Data Protection Act (DSG) and other data protection provisions.


The following conditions apply between the natural person seeking employment (hereinafter: interested party) and the MV, regarding the use of the www.veraguth-partner.ch available website (hereinafter referred to as Portal).

Service Item / User Account / CV Database

The portal operator provides the interested party free of charge with a Portal on which he can inform himself about job advertisements and present himself with his CV in a closed database accessible only to registered employers (CV database). The interested party can choose whether his CV is accessible to the registered employers in a personal way. To set up his CV in the closed CV database, the interested party must establish a user account (applicant Account) by entering his first and last name and his E-Mail address and other optional information. This data will not be published. The interested party may only create an applicant Account.

Confidentiality of Login data / confidentiality of employer-side Communications

The interested party must keep the Login data of his applicant account secret. Only he knows this data. They may not be passed on to third parties. The interested party must treat any communications received from employers via the Portal as confidential. He may only store and use them for the purpose of examining an offered employment relationship.

Setting a CV database

The interested party makes his CV available to the employers registered in the Portal for this purpose, in which he follows the corresponding entry menu for the creation of the CV in his applicant Account. By pressing the button “publish CV”, the CV is stored in the applicant Account and made available in the selected Form to the employers registered for the CV database.

Job Letter

The interested party can subscribe to the electronic Newsletter (Newsletter) sent by the portal operator daily weekly, monthly, free of charge when setting up his applicant account by clicking on the corresponding check Box. The interested party can unsubscribe at any time by deactivating the Checkbox in the applicant Account or by clicking on the link “unsubscribe MV Newsletter” at the News end.

Free of charge / deletion of the applicant account / content at any time

The use of all functions of the portal is free of charge for interested parties. The interested party can edit and delete the contents set by him in the Portal System at any time via his applicant Account and also delete his applicant Account at any time by pressing the corresponding button in the applicant Account itself. The deletion of the applicant account results in the deletion of all data related to the interested party in our system and the CV database.

No storage obligation / obligation of the interested party to the backup copy

The portal operator assumes no liability vis-à-vis the interested party for the storage of the content posted by him in his applicant Account and in the closed user area of the portal. The portal operator reserves the right to delete content posted by the interested party after prior e-mail notification. The interested party is responsible for making his own backup copies of the content he has placed in the Portal System.

Availability of the portal

The portal operator does not assume any liability vis-à-vis the interested party for the availability of the portal.

Passivity of the portal operator regarding employment contracts and portal content

The portal operator only offers a platform for the publication or distribution of profiles and ads. It is neither economically nor legally involved in any employment or other employment contract concluded between the interested party and an employer on the basis of the portal. The portal operator is not obliged to the interested party to check the employer profiles, job advertisements and CVs for their truthfulness and their legal admissibility. It has no influence on its content.

Inadmissible Content / Exemption From Liability

In particular, the interested party may not distribute the following content via the Portal:

  1. Content protected by trademark law (trademarks, company trademarks, titles, business badges, etc.), if this is unauthorized;
  2. Discriminatory content and other statements disparaging a Person;
  3. Information from the protected private area of third parties without their permission;
  4. Content protected by copyright or ancillary copyright (photos, graphics, images, music in sound or music image, texts, etc.), if this is done without permission;
  5. Content that violates the protection of minors;

The interested party shall indemnify the portal operator from any damage to liability resulting from the culpably induced dissemination of inadmissible content via the Portal. The liability damage also includes the necessary costs of Legal Defense or legal prosecution. Aeugst am Albis, Juni 2019


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