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You need to think about this to score with your CV

When creating an application folder, many people scratch their heads about the application letter. How do you find the right words for the fact that you absolutely want the job without exaggerating? On the other hand, you underestimate your CV if you think that the CV is made quickly. According to the motto: “I just need to list the facts and data of my previous professional career.” But this is a big mistake, because the Curriculum Vitae (CV) is more than just a list of work experience. With a well-structured CV, you as a candidate quickly become the perfect candidate!

Employers and recruitment agencies often first resort to their CV

Although chronologically the cover letter comes first, many personnel decision-makers first look at the CV. This is because it gives a very quick overview of the qualifications and experience of the candidates. The application letter may then no longer be considered.

What are the basic rules for the CV?

Start your CV with your personal details, such as contact details, date of birth and location. You then set out your professional career in a complete way. Divide your resume into meaningful sections, such as:

Basic rule number one: the most important thing first! They first went to school, then completed or studied a vocational apprenticeship and then found their first job. Start by first capturing your work experience, then comes the study. You can deal with the school time in a brief summary of one point. The last degree, such as “Gymnasium, Vocational Apprenticeship”, is enough. As a student, you have already gained experience in internships or part-time jobs, which you should list under the professional experience in order to make them clearly visible.

If you build your CV in this way, you start with what your new employer is most interested in, not what your new employer is least interested in.

Always be honest! Do not obscure any gaps.

As with the cover letter, absolute honesty applies to the CV. Have you dropped out of an education or a degree or taken half a year off after your training to travel the world? Stand by these decisions in your life instead of obscuring them with false statements! First, this is immediately noticeable to a well-trained recruiter. Second, you may also be negatively interpreted as having a “smooth” CV in certain jobs or in certain industries. On the positive side, in view of a possible job interview, consider what you have learned from these experiences and perhaps even gained in skills. Perhaps these are precisely the key skills that your desired employer is looking for in its future employee and that distinguish you from the other applicants!

Do hobbies belong to your CV?

Do your hobbies match the position or the company? If you apply as a software developer in the game industry and you are passionate about playing computer games and maybe even programming in your spare time, then your personal interests are of course part of your CV. Or you might want to use your leisure time to highlight a particular trait that you think is important for the job you are applying for (e.g. helpfulness).  Even then, it makes sense to include this.


Do not use irrelevant information on your CV that does not affect the profession, thereby avoiding unnecessary reading ballast. It is considered outdated to list the professions of parents. Unless you support your motivation for your chosen profession.  Salary expectations or political and religious views also have nothing to do with their cessation. The situation is different if, for example, you want to emphasize certain skills or competences with your voluntary involvement in an ecclesiastical institution.


Curriculum vitae is standardized in tabular form. On the left are the dates and on the right the facts. A well-structured and informative CV is enough, without much visual decoration or formatting. Especially for applicants with professional experience, it is common to build up the CV chronologically. This means that your current professional experience comes first and your schooling at the end of your career.


You wonder how long your CV should be. The seasoning is short! One or two pages are optimal, but the length also depends on the professional experience. If you are a newcomer to the profession, you should get by with one – a maximum of two pages. If you have been in the professional life for 30 years and you want to express your professional expertise, it can also become three pages.


Place, date and your signature mark the end of your CV. You hereby confirm that the information you provide in your CV is true.  Apart from the fact that incorrectly provided information usually arrives at the latest in the interview, these can also lead to a termination without notice after the probationary period.

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