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7 Day - Job & Candidates Database

CHF 0.00 exkl. Mwst

  • 1 Week Membership
  • 10 jobs posting
  • 5 refresh jobs
  • 5 download resumes
  • Job displayed for 7 days
  • Featured Company
  • 5 Views Candidate's contact
  • Browse 5 Candidate CVs
  • Join Our Industry Network
  • Find Qualified Employees
  • V&P Social Media Blast

30 Day - Job Candidates Database

CHF 550.00 exkl. Mwst

  • 1 Month Membership
  • 30 jobs posting
  • 10 refresh jobs
  • 50 download resumes
  • Job displayed for 30 days
  • Featured Company
  • 50 Views Candidate's contact
  • Browse 50 Candidate CVs
  • Job Featured on Homepage
  • Promoted V&P Newsletter
  • V&P Social Media Blast

90 Day - Job Candidates Database

CHF 1,050.00 exkl. Mwst

  • 3 Months Membership
  • 50 jobs posting
  • 30 refresh jobs
  • 150 download resumes
  • Job displayed for 60 days
  • Featured Company
  • 150 Views Candidate's contact
  • Browse 150 Candidate CVs
  • Each Job Last 60 Days
  • Featured in Search Results
  • V&P Social Media Blast

365 Day Job & Browse All Candidates Database

CHF 2,500.00 exkl. Mwst

  • 1 Year Membership
  • Unlimited job posting
  • Unlimited refresh job
  • Unlimited download resume
  • Job displayed for 60 days
  • Featured Company
  • View Candidate contact info unlimited
  • Browse All Candidate CVs
  • Each Job Last 60 Days
  • Featured in Search Results
  • V&P Social Media Blast

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