Evaluate cultural fitness for new hires as your business grows

A business is akin to a tree. Everything begins with the seed (idea) that grows with constant nurturing from the founders. As time passes, the sapling grows into a massive tree with branches spread in all directions. Similarly, a company evolves into a stable and functioning, well-oiled machine with the core values for fuel. Through the steady evolution of a business rises its culture that encompasses the unique working style and environment of an enterprise.

The employees, however, play a vital role in maintaining this culture for years to come; sustaining the life of the core values of the company as they do. Therefore, when you hire new people for marketing & PR jobs, you need to evaluate if they fit the work culture and environment of your business.

Why should I hire culturally fit people?

The importance of hiring individuals that fit well with the work culture cannot be overlooked, especially for media, digital, & creative jobs. The reason behind its importance lies in team morale and the subsequent productivity rates.

When you hire someone for media, digital, & creative jobs, the quality of work depends a lot on the mental space of the employees due to the artistic nature of the craft. If even one member of your team creates a bad influence over others or a tiff ensues between two members, it affects everyone in the squad.

Similarly, for other roles such as banking jobs require people with skills and talent. Such individuals are an investment that a company makes, and therefore, need to be able to take the helm when the need arises. With the amount of time and resources spent on training new hires, you need to make sure they fit in well.

Spending a little extra time in vetting their suitability to your company culture, therefore, can prevent future disappointment and losses.

How do I evaluate new hires for cultural fitness?

Identify your company culture

The first step towards finding people who fit your work culture for your company is identifying the same. You can do this by analyzing the core values, vision, mission of the company in its early days. If you deal with media, digital, & creative jobs, then you would do well to peruse the tone of your work, team, and business. Doing so gives you an idea of what kind of people will fit in your company.

Tweak your hiring process

While most hiring processes for media, digital, & creative jobs and other roles end with work-related questions, the process needs some tweaking to find the right fit. Companies, therefore, should ensure the HRs knows what kind of employees to hire and how to evaluate their cultural fitness.

An employee is an investment, whether it is for banking jobs or more creative roles. As such, companies need to get it right the first time around to prevent loss of time and resources on the wrong person. Therefore, companies should always evaluate cultural fit for new hires as their business grows.


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