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Veraguth & Partner relies on partnership!

We connect great talents with big, small as well as start-up companies, easy, fast, uncomplicated, online. Both sides should benefit from this partnership and meet at eye level.

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is a success – Henry Ford

Through our platform, finding a new job for jobseekers, and finding suitable new employees becomes an active partnership. We are convinced that there is the perfect partner for every position. Appreciation and motivation together achieve great goals.

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Recruitment brings employers and employees together. Employers looking for professional staff pass on this “wish” to the recruiter. He can then select the appropriate potential employee from the available applications. Recruitment is practically the middleman and saves companies time-consuming searches for suitable personnel. A pre-selection is made and the employer then decides who is invited to the interview. The aim of recruitment is always a permanent job.

First Step

A recruiter or a good recruitment agency should demonstrate some qualifications to do their job. Basic knowledge of appointment management, office communication, and labor law are a prerequisite for serious mediation alongside human rail. Understanding the manner in which an agency source & build relationships with candidates is also imperative to identify the right talent.


Recruitment is not about getting jobseekers into a job as quickly as possible. Rather, it’s about finding the candidate who fits 100 percent into the company. Detailed information on the applicant’s job profile & skills is therefore mandatory. Very often it is about highly qualified personnel, which is only sought by recruitment. Salary expectations also play a special role in this.


Both employees and employers benefit from this service. Companies avoid a flood of applications, don’t have to do endless job interviews, and don’t have to worry about returning application documents. The employee is only referred to a company that actually has a vacant position, suitable relavant position for candidate skills and knowledge to their potential.

* How do I make my CV stand out? *

1) Include relevant keywords in your CV based on your profession.
2) Update your resume & references frequently.
3) Try to get recommendations from past employers & others who have worked with you.
4) Create a public profile of veraguth-partner.ch, as this may increase your chances of being found online.
5) If you need further information on our services, please send us an e-mail to support@veraguth-partner.ch
6) At www.veraguth-partner.ch, we advise you to use the job search efficiently & to prepare for your first job interview. Visit our blog page for the latest tips, advice & tests from our recruiting experts.

* How to post my resume? *

1) Please note that resumes sent via email or attachment are not accessible to employers. You have to publish your CV on veraguth-partner.ch to be found by employers.
2) Visit https://www.veraguth-partner.ch & log in to your account
3) Click on “Post a Resume”
4) Complete the required sections in the CV Builder & click Save, depending on whether you want to proceed to the next section or add more details in this section. CVs created with veraguth-partner.ch CV built are very easy to find for employers.
5) You can then attach your original CV doc/pdf file & work references, video by clicking “Attach File” at the bottom of the page.
6) If you need help with your resume or cover letter, email us at support@veraguth-partner.ch

* How do I apply & look for jobs on veraguth-partner.ch *

1) Log onto https://www.veraguth-partner.ch/ using your username & password
2) Go to my profile & fill out all fields, then go to Manager Resumes & fill in all the fields & upload your data (CV, certificates, etc.).
3) Go to “Job Seekers” the second option at the top after “Home” & Click on ‘Job Seekers’.
4) Search for a job vacancy that is relevant to your experience & that you would like to pursue by specifying your requirements in the “Keywords” box. After you press the “Search” button, a list of relevant results will appear.
5) After you find a job vacancy that matches your qualifications, click on the job title to visit the job vacancy’s page to learn more about it.
6)At the top of the job vacancy’s page, you will see an ‘Apply for this job’ box. Select one of your CVs from the drop-down menu, and click the ‘Apply for this job’ button.


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